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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Seeking answers...

How much should IDE's and dev tools do things for us? Is it not enough they tell us methods when u have an object and keep a dot? Is it not enough that they hog a whole load of resources, making 1 GB a mandatory to use IDE's, by doing real time compiling and validation? As a part of the WSDL-S annotation tool, we had an interesting discussion where people were asking for an already user helping tool, to do more. The purpose is to allow a user to annotate a WSDL with concepts from ontology. The interface is slick with nice drag n drop. Eclipse technology was used extensively and really well. But still there are people talking about making it idiot proof. What happens when a XML tag is missing? Should you not highlight it and yada yada yada? Highlighting is acceptable but then anything more would overkill. Like asking the user, should I add a matching tag or should I remove the tag. C'mon people, we are talking about people developing things here not clicking and joining.

Yes, to enhance productivity we need to make tools more robust in errorhandling. But idiot proof? Thank you, but idiots should not code.It is enough we have enough systems that break down on install and take down whole of pricey stuff with them. By making good coders create systems to support the morons, we are asking for crap to be created. Guys that use objects like limitless credit cards and talk with authority about how java is slow. Guys that leave loose pointers and cry foul MS sucks. Not that I advocate either Windows or Java, but these are common cribs heard often around. All this in the garb of productivity enhancement. Do we seek to make creating better apps faster or more and more of crappy apps? I am seeking answers and I need help.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one machi... enna orre over aa thoughtful aa podara...anyways cant forget when u were raving about pulli vechi kotardhu when I showed u a old version of JB in 99. Anyways u seem to talk lil bit in favor of that stuff. I totally agree, I have 1 gb dual procs and still I cant run eclipse with other things peacefully. Looks like we need to have one version for morons and other for developers.. u see wat am sayin?

9:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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