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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Faux news

Ever seen In the year 2000 on Conan?
Here is my cheap imagination working over time.. really its 3 in the morning and my caffeine is running out and here is my version of In the year 2000
"Fox News will call Florida for George Bush and the White house will be available for lease all round the year, gas will compete with the Yankee payroll, social "in"-security shall begin to prevail, marijuana will be the cheapest drug an oldie can grab off the shelf, Trey Parker, Jay Leno, Conan and the likes will rejoice supreme stupidity for 4 years after which thanks to John Kerry's hardwork, they will get 4 more years of fun and finally Fox news will now be known as Faux news: Geraldo's moustache and Bill O Riely's phone calls being the only real things with the network."

Did any one see Greta Van Susteren on Jay Leno? She was all over the Natalee Halloway story. She went on and on about the Aruban police, the yada yada yada which we have to bear Nancy Grace squeal... Then she said something very significant. While she was at Aruba, she had told Natalee's mom Beth Twitty about the news coverage rule: Coverage until something more significant happens. Then in Leno, Greta told about the london bombings and how she had to leave. Just as I thought about Faux's concern, she bolted the next statement: Thankfully it was small and I could come back to Aruba.

Am I missing something here??? A 18 something rich, blonde girl celebrates HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION with a Aruba trip (If I ever get my Ph.D all I can think is getting to a watering hole to drink my life off), goes at 2 in the morning with 3 unknown people and is missing... On the other hand, bunch of terrorists hit the center of London, a trusted partner in US's war on terror and War in Iraq (They both are not the same. Even CNN has started to distinguish) and that is small?

Any wonder why people remember american idol judges more than Supreme court judges in the country? If your news coverage prioritizes a missing girl over a terror attack then it is 24 hrs of Never Ending Worthless S*** is what we get on TV. and Fuax news can give Cavuto, Geraldo and others a break and hire people from E!. Atleast then I wont tune in even by mistake for news...


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