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Friday, October 07, 2005

Will the Dog bite?

Georgia bulldogs: 4-0 overall and 3-0 SEC.
Starting QB: DJ Shockley
Watching him is like watching: Mike Vick
Similarity: Much talked about passing never compliments the awe-stopping run

Will he lead the Dogs to a SEC title and himself to a top round draft? After all teams do need Vikesque QB's if ONLY they can show more pocket presence in passing.

Think about it: The play action can mean defense swarms the RB, but doubts if the QB can run and is caught in 2 minds. Now add to it an excellent pass on the run skills and accuracy, you got your defense man....

Shockley can do it and saturday will tell if he will..

Me and 100000 Dog fans pray he does.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree
Play action and scrambling are the two real deals in QB's today unless ofcourse you are some one with the name Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. I havent seen any GA games till now but will catch up some and see how they fare..

11:06 AM


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