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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Georgia is (for ?) real

3 games in 13 days, Clausen has an Achilles heel and yada yada yada ... The Volunteers lost even before the kick off and Georgia ensured pretty much they did. SEC showdown came down to stupid mistakes on both sides and if some one were to be watching USC, you cant help but wonder are these teams in the same division. With the Volunteers taken care of, Leak's Florida with a not-so--outstanding-yet offense and defense should not be a problem. 100000 fans at Sanford will make sure the Auburn tigers dont even get to meeowww let alone roar. In the 3 years I have been following GA football this looks like the best season to get to Pasedena, but are we for real? How will we fare against the Youngs and the Leinharts? However this game was much better than the OU-Texas game.
Did OU even show up?
Chris Leak is still being talked about in the same line as the word Heisman. Way off people as Bama made the world realize.
DJ Shockley has 1200 passing yards and 200 rushing yards with 8 passing and 3 rushing touchdowns. His numbers while not great against Tennesse, were really good. The interception was a rank bad call. The fumble, oh dear that was a good defensive play.
Last 3 weeks in a row USC trailed their opponents in the first half only to nail them in the second. Are they thinking, it is enough if we show up just for one half?

So much football and so little time.. More NCAA and NFL in the next blog


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