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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Playoffs are here (Updated after Monday)

NBA playoff's are here. In my view, this how its going to play out (I have fairly good prediction record... I predicted Steelers to win, although I thought they would nail Carolina than Seattle...I shouted out loud "The Eagle cant fly" last year and that Vinatieri would nail the Carolina Panthers two years back.. Then I missed the fact that Justin Timberlake would un-nail Janets top)... Back to the current topic

Before anything Check this TNT promo. Class act!!!


Pistons kill Bucks (4-0 or 4-1) Leading 1-0 at the cost of Rip

Cavs Beat Washington (4-3 or 4-2) Leading 1-0

Nets beat Pacers (4-3) Trailing 0-1

Heat beat Bulls (4-2 or 4-1) Leading 2-0


Spurs kill Kings (4-0 or 4-1) Annhilation begins

Mavs beat Memphis (4-2) Leading 1-0

Clippers beat Nuggets (4-3 or 4-2) Leading 2-0

Suns beat Lakers (4-1 or 4-2) Leading 1-0..Kobe doesnt show up

This week shall tell ...


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