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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here is to SK

This is my 50th post... This one is for that genius getting wet in Seattle...Now I do expect a comment is the humble beginning of yet another blogger . It has been fun till now...with all the picture blogging and yada yada yada.. the never released open source tool, blogging from heathrow after another missed flight...
bad post but yea whaaat blogging and whaatt blogger?


Blogger Sriram said...

endha ooorla da eruka?? chance kedacha phone pannu... i would also try reaching u in the evening..

6:47 PM

Anonymous Kaarthik said...

One of my mentors has taught me a great lesson - that exceeding expectations is a sure-shot way to success. I am glad to see you exceeding my expectations. Way to go !!!

1:52 AM


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