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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Classifying Music: Workarounds but a starting point

First off get ID3 Editing API for Java. Download songs in groups, like say I downloaded by movie. Use File manips to rename all downloaded file name to mean what the song is ie song name. Now use the ID3 api to modify the ID3 tag details like artist, composer, genre and yada yada yada. Since you are editing a logical grouping, the annotations wont change. For example, a folder with all ARR songs, will have genre Rahamanisque, composer ARR and so on. What I proposed earlier is more about adding more meta-data. Genre will not be Rahmanisque but a URI to Rahmanisque. ARR wont be there instead an URI will be there and so on. In fact ID3 evolution is quite interesting. If only there is some way computer science can extend a day by a few hours...


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