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Friday, November 11, 2005

Curious case of Sachin Tendular Part 1

I worship SRT. I lived my days in the last decade of last century yearning for his blade to compose a symphony that he also is capable of. I still worship him in the days of Dhoni's and Kaif's. As they say, pretenders can be many but the Emperor one. Sachin will always be the Emperor and a stupid tennis elbow and a bunch of idiosyncratic morons pretending to be expert columnists cannot change that. Fed up with all the talk about Sachin not being a matchwinner I did some research and found this link, that says a story to the contrary. (There is no Ganguly in here.. I dont understand why people cant have meaningful anchors !£$%) Sachin's average in winning games is second only to the "I bat late and not outs boost my average" Michael Bevan. Among genuine batters, he is right there. 28 of his 100's and 42 of his 50's have come in a winning cause that, accounted over a period of time, when there was one batter called Sachin Tendulkar is an accomplishment, that should make the "fake cricketers who now write columns in poor english" to just shut up. Add to it the 86 wickets and 57 catches the picture is all round complete. 56 times he has been the Man of the Match when India has won and in world cup 2003 he had MoM's along with the batter of the tournament.
On the contrary when Sachin has failed so has the team, however despite him having a decent 32 average in lost games the team could not play around him. Now if the rest 10 refuse to play who is to blame? He has 9 hundereds and 28 50's and 10 MOM awards in lost causes as well.


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