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Monday, October 17, 2005

6-0 and still counting and Who meets USC?

"The play action can mean defense swarms the RB, but doubts if the QB can run and is caught in 2 minds. Now add to it an excellent pass on the run skills and accuracy, you got your defense man...." -- Words I rambled two weeks back
Circa to the last weekend (10-17-05) : Vandy defense "almost" get DJ, DJ scrambles to right for a moment and the free safety follows him..DJ shifts quickly to the left runs some distance and finds MClendon and the end zone

DJ runs almost 5 yards back and Vandy defense swarms in to get him and get some negative yardage as well, DJ scrambles in and out and finds Massaqoa on the run and the end zone...

Tennesse D get DJ but he escapes to convert a 5 yard loss to 3 yard gain...2 and 7 instead of 2 and 15...

After 6 weeks the Dawgs are rolling 6 and 0. With Arkansas coming in the sure thing is 7-0 before we meet the Gators. With Florida's offense having not really clicked and the GA Defense firing on all cylinders good chance of 8-0 and SEC East clinched.
With Auburn coming home, a very good chance of being 10-0 in November and Ga Tech is not a deal. Will the BCS computers and humans and everyone else give us a chance?

On the other hand the other possibility is Texas getting blown out by Texas Tech.. Cody Hodges completed 44 of 65 passes for 643 yards . Who can believe it? Now with a Texan meltdown post OU not happening this week, there is a good chance it will happen next week (WIshful thinking)..

I am consiously avoiding VA Tech in this equation since I believe we are very close to the Hokies in the polls and a win over FL and AU should push us ahead. Also not forgetting the fact that the Hokies still have to play the Canes of Miami and the FSU Noles.

So add the meltdown and the Dawg wins we should be heading to Pasedena.

USC still has to play to Cal and UCLA. Even if they are pushed out, am sure they will find a way to shove themselves into the contetion.


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