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Friday, October 28, 2005

Mohali Marauding

122 all out in a ground where not so long ago second string teams and an unknown youngster called Robin Uttappa killed the opposition attack??
The famed Lankan Lion batting line up against the likes of rookie Indian bowlers was a feast to the detractors of the Chappell regime and on two occasions till now they have been made to wait in wilderness. Two wins is too soon but Chappell seems to be having a quiet laugh. The combination of metronomic drive towards efficiency that Rahul Dravid possesses, Australian cold blooded professionalism that Chappell presents along with "Look at me, I am 20 again" Sachin Tendulkar and "I am here to play" Irfan Pathan seems to be working wonders for this team.
The lackadaisical attitude once the opposition is on the mat is missing as is the uncanny ability to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory. The way the target was cowed down reflects the intent to get the kill and not just labor to a win.
One thing I cannot help but noticing is the advantage Chappell has over Wright. SACHIN TENDULKAR in his agressive best. Any comments?


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