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Friday, October 28, 2005

Saurav Ganguly: The hype, the stats and a nation's Fixation : Part 2

Part 2...Get Part 1 here.

The 2003 World cup again was a Sachin Tendulkar show and when he failed, we came down. Ganguly was not even there full time during the Pakistan series. Laxman again played the big role in the Aussie series.
Now Ganguly after 182 runs in 17 one dayers, wants to be in the side and as a captain. Easily competing for the worst fielder, biggest offender when it comes to fitness, a brashy haughty attitude and his desire in excess to be a captain despite not having enough stats over a long period to command a place as a player, and the way Harbhajan Singh, who is another poor performer offlate, came out in lashing against Chappel in support of Ganguly, indicating a clear fissures in the side, do we still need this moderate captain at best in the side?
Waugh and Taylor, the men that made the Aussies the powerhouse they are today led by example, showing grit with the bat and an attitude to boot. Inzi leads from the front, Attapattu is easily there in any top batsman rankings, Greame Smith led the All Star Test side and has amazing statistics and Ricky Ponting despite the Ashes debacle, is a punter you can put your money on... Where are you Ganguly as a player in this list of celebrated batsman, to command a place in the side?
The usual Form is temporary Class is permanent crap does not even hold true in Ganguly's case. 3 years of lack of runs in every meaningful match means something larger than form is at fault. Class without an attitude and temperment may be?
Remember Vinod Kambli , classy leftie with 2 double centuries and that sledge hammering of Shane Warne in Sharjah... When he was cold shouldered why shouldn't Ganguly be? Kambli still has a test average of 54.
The farce called BCCI Hearing let Ganguly off. Followers of NFL in USA can look at the story of Antonio Gates, whom the Chargers never played in the first two games,suspending him for indiscipline and promptly lost without the big tight end.
Sport is a difficult career to succeed in. Team sport even more difficult, for one's actions can impact the team.
Think about the zillions of youngsters dying to earn the Indian cap, struggling, the last thing we need is some one bent on getting his way. All I can say is, "Sorry Prince, Cricket is no longer a princley sport. It needs discipline more than talent. Ask the Sri Lankan Team of 1996, Australian team of 1999, 2003 and you will know why."

Next on the blog: Ganguly: A square peg in a round hole...


Blogger tennaliraman said...

better late than never to blog on ganguly(and i am sure hes gonna feed us more)!
here are some of my comments:
all the following abt ganguly is true-indisciplined,arrogant,useless as a fielder,power-monging et al ---but we shud admit that he had really built a good team.
remember-the times when we used to switch off TV once sachin gets out and do something better.
but Team India now is not the same anymore--there is some life left even after sachins death!u have sehawag,kaif,yuvraj,patan to watch -who brought up these guys?
but for ganguly india wud have been made up of 30+ aged players!

but of late from bad hes become worse and i dont think he shud be given a place in the team.but if he does well in domestic circuit he sure shud be selected since that is the yardstick for any other player!(but never shud be the captain again as long Greg Chappel is the coach!)

whats ur take on todays match at Mohali?


4:50 AM

Anonymous Senthil Srinivasan said...

You guys wishing Ganguly's ouster are all living in a fool's paradise. Ganguly is to Team India what sugar is to milk. Indispensable. Reliable. and Dependable (sorry Rahul). He is the only Australian in Team India. If India is to really win the World Cup it needs a strong charismatic leader, who can inspire and sacrifice for his team, not a "gentlemanly" Hijra like Dravid. Rahul does not know the taste of blood, he is a veggie. Ganguly is, so reinstate him as captain before it is too late.

10:58 AM


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