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Friday, October 28, 2005

7-0 and the Gators are in town

This is the red lettered weekend in UGA Football calendar. The Gators and the Dawgs at Jacksonville.
Coming of a rather tame win against the likes of Arkansas, UGA has a lot to prove. Without DJ the offensive weapon that can run, throw and run and throw, Tereshinski will have to prove he is more than the average Joe.
The key to beat the Gators is do what you did against Tennesse. Control the line of scrimmage, establish the run superiority with Lumpkin, Brown and Ware. The only problem here would be the question, "Can Tereshinski convert 3 and longs?". The key to any football game is getting the third downs. and given UGA's QB situation the best bet would be to avoid them.
But also keep in mind the Florida secondary. They got burned against Bama with Brody Croyle connecting to Pyrone Prothro for two amazing 50+ yard scores and the Gators never got into the rhythm.
On the defense, let Chris Leak be. Let him make those mistakes, force the running game option out and make Urban Myer's option offense one diemensional: 3-0 series.

For all analysis, the Dawgs are on a roll and even if its a 3-2 win we will take it with all smiles.

Texas quite did not have the meltdown and Texas Tech was ranked way too higher. USC is still on a roll and the Hokies have to end the season with big games. So it looks more and more like UGA playing the Auburn this year, given the lunatic approach to computing the standings.


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