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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Media: Dishing out more BS than ever

I happened to read this article about coaching geniuses. Had names like Bill Belichick, Phil Jackson and et al. Comes to a grand conclusion, "There is no such thing as coaching genius".
I definitely dont agree with passing this verdict on Bill Belichick, the venerable man under the headset on the New England sidelines. 3 super bowls in 4 years, the first one with a QB by name Tom Brady, the second one with offensive line banged up and no running game, the third one with the defense banged up. All three times a defensive back by the name of Vrabel had touchdowns. You cannot talk about his genius after one 5-4 season. For god's sake the season is not over yet. So what if the Colts beat them Monday Night? Remember Brady has never lost in the dome and road to SuperBowl passes through the dome !!! Remember as the season goes on the Pats going to get more and more healthier..Remember Mike Shanahon does not have a John Elway... Talking about coaching genius even before the season ends shows the lack of sensible content for these never ending journos to talk about.. Just another example of creating news when there none and as Reverend Eric Cartman puts in "When you create news that did not happen, all you get is crap worse than the one you get out of you back!!!"


Blogger Kedar said...

I goddamn don't agree with this.
Bill is the reason buddy.

11:31 PM


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