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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hiatus over

It has been quite long. Things seem to happen and time seems to be short. Back home UPA seems to have gotten into the "while (1){commit blunder;}" mode. Buta Singh, Saudi king and Raj Ghat, now Muslim census in the armed forces, airport privatization and on and on ...
Ok the last one, commies take the blame. Commies.. "A group of people who thrive on the ignorance of the masses and wants that to continue; A group of people who have mastered the art of hypocrisy; A group of people with an objective to realize collective social moronity and who hate any intelligent arguments; A bunch of famed losers who still hold on to Karl Marx and Lenin;". Alrite, now before I get an "Facts before you speak from my commie buddies", hypocrisy is justfied amply by the single surving commy power in the world and one eastern state that believes red is the only color. China has mastered the art of capitalism. Only that it exploits capitalism. The whole notion of buying power, consumer based economy which the Commies hate, is what this country thrives on. Not that I have anything against the chinese (the chair I set, the keyboard I use to type this... dang everything around me has a bit of China in it).. But their whole concept of living off something they preach to hate is what irks me. In India, the CM of West Bengal goes all out sycophancing the Wipros and "American Bosses", at the center they seem to have a single motive of stalling everything. With expected boom in air travel to India, decent airports are the need. 40 plus years of "Non-Aligned" Russian friendship has left combined with the "Corruption shall prevail" approach has left us in a state of abjectly poor infrastructure and now when there is a consious effort the commies come in...Thought for Conspiracy theory folks: May be commies are colluding with the chinese. China sees India as a threat and is using our commie morons to stall whatever they can. you cannot rule it out... watch this space for more.

BTW When you are really that old and depend on the pace maker, the last thing is hunting that too without getting the needful permissions. If you do that, then Cheney should be spelt as "HEAD".


Blogger tennaliraman said...

a very good post.
but u give an impression that only Reds are "commies".there is hypocrisy all around (including!) you.
When you see the word COMMIE below use the following connotation:
"A group of people who have mastered the art of hypocrisy".

1. there is this tamizh-inna-thalaivar,who actively proscribed the mass from learning/using National Language.But when a reporter asked why his "chella-peran" was selected for Delhi,gleefully replied that his peran knew Hindi and so he was fit to be there.
Is he not a "COMMIE"?
2. there is this tamizh-kavalar brigade that responded to a "anti-tamizh-culture" statement with "thoddapam","seruppu","kazhudai"(as if these were symbols of "tamizh culture").
Are they not "COMMIES"?
3. there is this super star who some years back commented that even God can not save ppl if Amma is the CM and made KK attain power and who never opened his mouth when KK was CM (as if riches were showering on TN makkal in KKs reign).
Is he not a "COMMIE"?
4. there is this Ullaga Nayagan who acted in the film "Anbe Sivam" which questioned people having faith in Hindu religion(and glorified Christianity.If you had observed that film,the character would be helped by a Nun and he would get his life back in a Church.He did not have the guts to question that."Naathigam" for him was "not beleiving in Hindu Gods").
Is he not a "COMMIE"?
5. there is this GOD of cricket,SRT,who would time and again say that "my Team winning is more important than my Century".But when on score of 90+,would be as slow and as cautious as anything to reach a ton!
is he not a "COMMIE"?
6. there is this Leader of the nation on India's Western border,who constantly says that "terrorism" in Kashmir should end but still feeds the terrorists outh there.
Is he not a "COMMIE"?
7.And lastly,there is this guy,who thinks that everything around him can be changed but does nothing to change things!
am I not COMMIE?!

7:16 AM


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