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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Desert Blue: Simple yet powerful

Stuck to only 2 channels at home, I got a chance to see Desert Blue on RTE TWO. It was very simple yet powerful. Story about an unknown town called Baxter, where Peter Sarsgaard in his endeavor to put the town on map creates the worlds largest ice cream cone. He aspires to create a ocean park but a big cola conglomerate spoils his plans. Coming to town are a professor and his daughter. The professor is interested in America's road side attractions and his daughter, Kate Hudson as Skye Davidson is a hollywood bred. She meets Brandon Saxton III as Blue Baxter. The story is beautifully set in classic rural America. The place has no cable, no cell phones. Revolves around the people in this town, max cast would be say 15 people. It captures the simplicity in their lives and their needs. I would recommend this movie to some one that wants a simple movie, yet powerful in dialogs and message. Time to revisit Maniratnam's classics.


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