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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Movie review: United 93

After the move to New York, starting at IBM Research and the usual yada yada, I got sometime to catch United 93. The emotions, the chaos, the fear of terror and the courage in the middle of it all...the movie captures each and everything. The dialogs , cameras panning very unusual angles, the movie itself jumping from one location to another all getting the desired effect. The inefficiency of this administration in response to the terror act, subtly captured unlike the over the top "Fahrenheit 911", couple of years ago. The movie opens with Koranic verses, intersperses Koranic verses to create an excellent dramatization of Islamic terror. Also surprising was that CNN got to the WTC before any ATC or NSA could realize what was happening. Media is indeed very powerful in this age and this movie depicts it with all subtlety. The last 20 minutes or so really nailed it.The ending very poignant. The only bad part was the background score. I felt the power of silence was never used and especially when you want people to see, feel and ponder what is going on, it is best to leave things quiet. But still a movie worth the watch.


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