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Monday, July 17, 2006

Travails of a lonely traveller

Thanks to too many other things going on, I havent had the time to write anything in this space. But the things that happened as I travelled from Grand Central to White Plains on Sunday compel me to rant.
I was coming back from the city and got into MTA North fast train to white plains. There was a slow train about 20 minutes earlier, but my decision to wait was for best and the worst. I always look for an empty pair, 2 seats opposite of each other or an empty row, so that I can strech and travel. I chose one such seat and being a fast train, with first stop at WP I figured out I will be in luxury till I reach home.
Not so lucky!
A dude comes, smiles at me and asks any one coming here? I told him, "No". Honesty sucks as I realized in a very short while. He sits next to me. I was reading and my iPOd was plugged on. He taps me gently (very very weird!!!) and I remove my phones.
Him: Were you working at UN?
Me: No. I volunteer sometimes.
Him: Were you there yesterday, afternoon around 2?
Me: Yes I was.
Him: I remember you! You were talking about the middle-east. Are you jewish?
Me: (Wondering how on earth he came up with that question) No. I am not.
Him: Ok! So where are you from?
Me : India.
Him: Oh! (Talks about bombay blasts) Is your family safe?
Me: Yes. They live on the southern coast, in Chennai.
Him: Nice. Would you mind if I asked you what music are you listening to?
Me: (Thinking why did I wait for this train? Why was I honest about the seat) Indian music.
Him: I love indian music, Bhangra (pronounced in a manner that bears no resemblance to the way it is pronounced). Is it Bhangra?
Me: No. Its Indian filmi music
Him: Bollywood?
Me: No south Indian.
At this point it was white plains. I get up and run out as the train crossed hartsdale, and escaped the moment the doors opened.
As I ran, I was thinking, about the weird notions of socializing and interactions that we have come up with. and also about the common belief that Americans are not snoopy!!
And what if I had taken the slow train and this kinda guy had come there as well? I would have to endure that for an hour.
Plus why is my luck so lame that I get guy strangers snooping? There was a real good looking (Hot!!!!) girl (chick) who was on the other side? Why did the "I wont allow privacy" devil that entered this morons head, chose not to enter that girl's head?
SOme questions are harder to answer :(.


Blogger rajan said...

Haha, that was a fun read. Reminded me of the line "Pakkatha seatla paati ukkaantha, take it easy policy". Good wrk Kats. Kep 'em coming :D

7:13 PM


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