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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Expert rank by Ask!!!

Lately I have been reading a lot about the expert search by (formerly Ask Jeeves.. the poor butler was fired in february.) The word expert rank and clustering have been making a lot of noise. Personally I still wonder if people really used anything else other than google for search. May be to try out, but when there is money in the line, its google. In fact even says how many people from Redmond use google. (Click here for more info on this) Close my eyes and I can see Steve Ballmer fuming!
Anyways coming back to expert rank, I decided to ego surf and see the relevance... after all I know which pages are relevant to me and which are not. There cannot be a better expert. Feel free to click on the images to view the results in a readable size. All I can say is the experts that rank Ask are way way way off.. The first page of results, nothing even is remotely relevant. The first link is an outdated page that doesnt event exist anymore. The second is a class report of some project... yikeees it pulls pages of other people that are related to me but not my home page !!!!!! On the other hand, google does a neat job... 10 out of 10 results are relevant. My home shows first, my DBLP next and my blogger...
The lesson: "Dont Ask when you can google!!!"


Anonymous Sujeeth said...

he he ... the butler got served!

11:22 AM


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