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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Google : Thou' art a new Don?

Lately I have been having lots of arguments over the role of Google. Slew of slick products, innovations raising the bar to competitors, neat UI n so on. Some go gaga over all these, including me and we are justified. Long after the venerable PARC, here is a company committed to create technology to help people. Some say Google is amazing yet more than PARC they are more the Microsoft. I read this today in slashdot and may be those guys have a point...
"The Google Maps team recently noticed your Google Maps tile
wallpaper maker at
Google is always happy
to see developers interested in our
products and we commend you on the
service. That said, we
would appreciate it if you voluntarily remove
your service
and stop using Google Maps on your web site. The service

violates the Maps Terms of Service available at, and jeopardizes our
ability to make Google Maps available to the public because it
encourages non-personal use of Google Maps.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if we have contacted the
wrong people, please feel free to contact me directly. Otherwise,
please let us know as soon as possible when the service has been


Bret Taylor
Product Manager, Google Maps"

So what exactly is Google trying to do? How on the earth would a
nice sticher can annoy a $300+ I trade everyday company
like google? Is google circumspect of people using hacks to come
up with innovative solutions? Should not Google be happy that people
are using leads to take forth what they brought forth? Am looking
for answers...

All said and done, I still cant help being in awe of their Google Print.
Try it, you will like it...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Alrite another attempt

One thing I have learnt being a researcher is never give up...
So what if my previous attempt to rant relentlessly ended up sans a small whimp?
So what if even those lazy geeks and bums that form my network of friends, also gave up?
So what if SK got his bucks back, when he betted on me not crossing 50 posts!! Sad poor SK, guess he was being safe when he said 50.. 5 was way away ...
Yet I try ... I try to rant relentlessly and this time, I will take it up a notch ....
Any bets this time around?