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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here is to SK

This is my 50th post... This one is for that genius getting wet in Seattle...Now I do expect a comment is the humble beginning of yet another blogger . It has been fun till now...with all the picture blogging and yada yada yada.. the never released open source tool, blogging from heathrow after another missed flight...
bad post but yea whaaat blogging and whaatt blogger?

Whaaaaat Secularism?

Some danish cartoonist, some prophet mohammed, some cartoon and boy o' boy some murderous muslims all over the world...some ganesha, some toilet paper, some ram, some sandal, some godhra, some murder, boy o boy some uptight hindus..
My initial reaction was on the lines of how hindus should react the next time something happens.. Some thought, some more thought and I am proud to say I am a hindu now even more than ever. But for some blips in Godhra and Ayodhya, which till date the "secular" leaders keep harping about, my religion has been successful in teaching us the virtues of tolerance. The virtue that moguls could never kill, virtue that cheap marketing men cannot kill and virtues the likes of commies and congress can never kill.
Coming back to the cartoonist, here is a news item I read that made me turn in my stomach...

Lucknow, Feb. 17: Haji Yakub, a Samajwadi Party minister in Uttar Pradesh for minority welfare and the Haj, has announced a cash reward of Rs 51 crores for the head of the cartoonist who had made the offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammed.

The insulting cartoons were first published in a Danish newspaper, and then republished in other European newspapers, sparking off Muslim indignation and anger across the world. Haji Yakub added that the person who brought him the head of the cartoonist would be given gold equivalent to his weight.

“The person who has insulted the Prophet does not deserve to live and anyone — irrespective of his nationality — who eliminates the cartoonist will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 51 crores and gold equivalent to his weight,” the minister said while addressing a gathering of Muslims who were demonstrating in Meerut on Friday to protest against the offensive cartoons.

Although the minister said he had made the announcement not as a minister, but as an “honest Muslim”, he later said that he had made the statement after consulting the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav

Firstly we have an elected leader declaring a fatwa. Something I dont think the Indian Constitution agrees with. He has done in capacity as a "honest muslim". The key point to note here is the fact that Mr. "Muslim Ass Tastes So Sweet" Yadav has agreed to it.
Here is an outright murder call that some how the secularists dont seem to care about. Saraswati who in fact is respected as divine, (For all we care, Prophet Mohammed is just a prophet, not divinity), was portrayed by a pervert 90 odd year old artist, and when there were protests, again no killing, just protests, the secularists got awakened.
2. When it was said "It aint godhra then it aint Gujarat", some "Must have been a momma in some country Italian backyard", retorted strongly about motives and yada yada yada. Now the same "Italian momma's" Pizzeria boys in power call for rational thought, again no action, just call for a thought, when this cartoon contro came up.

I just have one last question here: Mr. President, is there anything you do apart from asking young boys to glitter and young girls to shimmer, signing off on turbaned old hags dismissal petition and taking about vision 2020?

Whaaaaat secularism? Whaaaaat economy? When your nation's army is subjected to secular profiling, because some one's brother could not get into the airforce in 1965,that says a lot about secularism. In this context whaaatttt MIT?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Finally the new middleware is upon us

After some initial playing around with the Axis 2.0 engine, the new architecture for the METEOR-S Dynamic Configuration Middleware is something that is truly cool. Extending an open source app like Axis gives us lot of credibility in terms of realizing Dynamic Process Configuration. We got some neat testing numbers too. To sum it up, it was worth some sleepless nights, taco-bell dinners, and the worst of all De-Caf's. Check out the demo soon .

More about other things like AJAX, Mashups later..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hiatus over

It has been quite long. Things seem to happen and time seems to be short. Back home UPA seems to have gotten into the "while (1){commit blunder;}" mode. Buta Singh, Saudi king and Raj Ghat, now Muslim census in the armed forces, airport privatization and on and on ...
Ok the last one, commies take the blame. Commies.. "A group of people who thrive on the ignorance of the masses and wants that to continue; A group of people who have mastered the art of hypocrisy; A group of people with an objective to realize collective social moronity and who hate any intelligent arguments; A bunch of famed losers who still hold on to Karl Marx and Lenin;". Alrite, now before I get an "Facts before you speak from my commie buddies", hypocrisy is justfied amply by the single surving commy power in the world and one eastern state that believes red is the only color. China has mastered the art of capitalism. Only that it exploits capitalism. The whole notion of buying power, consumer based economy which the Commies hate, is what this country thrives on. Not that I have anything against the chinese (the chair I set, the keyboard I use to type this... dang everything around me has a bit of China in it).. But their whole concept of living off something they preach to hate is what irks me. In India, the CM of West Bengal goes all out sycophancing the Wipros and "American Bosses", at the center they seem to have a single motive of stalling everything. With expected boom in air travel to India, decent airports are the need. 40 plus years of "Non-Aligned" Russian friendship has left combined with the "Corruption shall prevail" approach has left us in a state of abjectly poor infrastructure and now when there is a consious effort the commies come in...Thought for Conspiracy theory folks: May be commies are colluding with the chinese. China sees India as a threat and is using our commie morons to stall whatever they can. you cannot rule it out... watch this space for more.

BTW When you are really that old and depend on the pace maker, the last thing is hunting that too without getting the needful permissions. If you do that, then Cheney should be spelt as "HEAD".