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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Playoffs are here (Updated after Monday)

NBA playoff's are here. In my view, this how its going to play out (I have fairly good prediction record... I predicted Steelers to win, although I thought they would nail Carolina than Seattle...I shouted out loud "The Eagle cant fly" last year and that Vinatieri would nail the Carolina Panthers two years back.. Then I missed the fact that Justin Timberlake would un-nail Janets top)... Back to the current topic

Before anything Check this TNT promo. Class act!!!


Pistons kill Bucks (4-0 or 4-1) Leading 1-0 at the cost of Rip

Cavs Beat Washington (4-3 or 4-2) Leading 1-0

Nets beat Pacers (4-3) Trailing 0-1

Heat beat Bulls (4-2 or 4-1) Leading 2-0


Spurs kill Kings (4-0 or 4-1) Annhilation begins

Mavs beat Memphis (4-2) Leading 1-0

Clippers beat Nuggets (4-3 or 4-2) Leading 2-0

Suns beat Lakers (4-1 or 4-2) Leading 1-0..Kobe doesnt show up

This week shall tell ...

Confidence with Conscience

When you know your capabilities and achievements, you are clear as pure crystal about what you are saying and know that you can back it up with your actions, you can claim 'I am proud to say that I am a matchwinner'. Awesome V.V.S. There is more to your subtle class on the crease, we love now... Your brutal honesty.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Musician vs. Sound engineer

This is a classical problem. A musician is never happy with the sound and a sound engineer is never happy the way the musician is singing into the microphone or playing ! This saturday I had to preform in a well set auditorium and since the sound guys also were from the same place, we went about an hour early. The state of the art was pretty pathetic to say the least (Gosh!! they had like 4 leads all on one side and after a synth, rPad, tabla and violin the rest of the guys had to play on mic...) So in all curiosity, I ask the sound guy about the number of channels he has on this state of the art mixer. The guy with all pride says 16..(Even cheap keyboards come with more lines .. Cool edit has 64!!). I add up the number of lines and come up with other 11. I ask him so we get 11, who gets the other 5? (When you are 15 minutes from start and your instrument is not getting monitored and your skills are not so great and you need a monitor... all these and's make you think out of the box). The dude replies, "Brother, I aint got nothing more..."... Then the flare up.. The composer gets ticked off at this and walks off, the pacification.. man i cannot but remember Smrithi, another show.. where we got a Roland for ourselves ... on the flop side cannot forget Bombay grill where a decent Sony box was abused... or this years India Nite, where despite an acoustically handicapped audi, the sound was way better than it ever has been....

What is with sound guys? All they got to do is get the numbers and get them straight. Especially, when the musician is as talented as Sandeep, the guy we were perfroming with, all you gotta do is stop thinking and start listening.. Well when jerks can screw A.R.Rahman, whaat me? Whaaaat violin....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Now or never

If this news is really true, its now or never for the world to react. Nuclear arsenal in the hands of Iranians (also synonym with terror, terrorists and any this else equal.. For more evidence read this , this or this and many more) is a disaster for the world!! Where are we headed towards?

I am no hate spreader. I am more the paranoid kind and paranoia tells me that wrong weapons in wrong hands is not a happy sign. May be India was correct in regard to IAEA dumping ( Faux News version of the story) and as always the commies back home, wrong !!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Final nail in the Apple coffin

Celebrating 30 years of the Mac? Something to spoil your day can be found here. More on this later...