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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Movie review: United 93

After the move to New York, starting at IBM Research and the usual yada yada, I got sometime to catch United 93. The emotions, the chaos, the fear of terror and the courage in the middle of it all...the movie captures each and everything. The dialogs , cameras panning very unusual angles, the movie itself jumping from one location to another all getting the desired effect. The inefficiency of this administration in response to the terror act, subtly captured unlike the over the top "Fahrenheit 911", couple of years ago. The movie opens with Koranic verses, intersperses Koranic verses to create an excellent dramatization of Islamic terror. Also surprising was that CNN got to the WTC before any ATC or NSA could realize what was happening. Media is indeed very powerful in this age and this movie depicts it with all subtlety. The last 20 minutes or so really nailed it.The ending very poignant. The only bad part was the background score. I felt the power of silence was never used and especially when you want people to see, feel and ponder what is going on, it is best to leave things quiet. But still a movie worth the watch.

Apple gets on offensive and Google goes 3D

Why need a Mac? Apple gets on the offensive against PC's. Just when people were wondering about windows on macs and MS domination in the years to come, this is a nice PR offensive. It has most of things we know. One big reason is missing though, for not getting a Mac.. Frikkin cost. I get a Dell XPS M140, neat and slick for under a grand. Will apple start an price war as well?
And after dominating search and speading their wings to email, chat and the sundries, google is getting to the design game with Google Sketch. Pretty neat. Fly to 100 Stone Mill Run Apt 69, Athens, GA 30605 to see my sketchup.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Anything can happen in The Playoffs

Surprises.. more and more.

Lakers ahead of Suns 3-1. Not quite unexpected with a someone called Kobe wearing the gold and blue..The unexpected part is the Kobe that shows up for each of these games. Not the your 81 point, give me the ball all the time Kobe that played all 82 games. Its a different Kobe. A Kobe that passes the ball around, has Nash-like assist numbers... The Kobe that is going to be very dangerous given his almost at will shooting prowess..and the Suns are seeing it for real!!! and If this aint make him the best, then what else will !!!!.

And the Spurs. The zing that makes them what they are, the perimeter shooting, the Parker-Ginobli drives all missing. Add to Ron Artest being Ron Artest on court, the series is tied at 2-2. So much for a 4-0 annihilation... Me is not very happy.

Nets and Pacers are battling it out in mediocrity. Not one game on national TV should tell a lot about what people expect. Me predicts neither is beyond round 2.

With Lebron getting over some blushes, the Cavs can now nail the turn-over addicted wizards finally.


Pistons kill Bucks (4-0 or 4-1) Leading 2-1 at the cost of Rip

Cavs Beat Washington (4-3 or 4-2)Tied 2-2

Nets beat Pacers (4-3)Tied 2-2

Heat beat Bulls (4-2 or 4-1) Leading 2-2


Spurs kill Kings (4-0 or 4-1)Tied 2-2

Mavs beat Memphis (4-2)Leading 3-0

Clippers beat Nuggets (4-3 or 4-2) Leading 3-1

Suns beat Lakers (4-1 or 4-2) Trailing 1-3

Let them games roll on...