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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I finally finally go to see Crash, the best movie at the Oscars. Will it be known as the movie that Crashed Brokeback's party or will it be remembered as a a classic tale of racism in the new world? I saw the movie more than once, and I think its going to be a bit of both. By story and by performances, the movie is terrific. The paranoia about immigrants, be is asians, mexians whatever, the movie captures it all. Add to it the classic portrayal of the african-american cop by Don Cheadle the movie seems to have it all. But just as many movies that seek to portray realism, even Paul Haggins seem to have been bitten by the same bug, multiple times. The place when Terrence Howard is pulled over and the cop runs his hands all over her, seems to have been over-dramatized. The narrative style of seemingly different stories with common points of intersection lacks off at places one too many... Not straightforward....

Is it better than brokeback mountain? I dont think so. Simply because Brokeback was much better directed, despite the snail pace never slacked off.. Crash is good but not quite there.