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Friday, October 28, 2005

7-0 and the Gators are in town

This is the red lettered weekend in UGA Football calendar. The Gators and the Dawgs at Jacksonville.
Coming of a rather tame win against the likes of Arkansas, UGA has a lot to prove. Without DJ the offensive weapon that can run, throw and run and throw, Tereshinski will have to prove he is more than the average Joe.
The key to beat the Gators is do what you did against Tennesse. Control the line of scrimmage, establish the run superiority with Lumpkin, Brown and Ware. The only problem here would be the question, "Can Tereshinski convert 3 and longs?". The key to any football game is getting the third downs. and given UGA's QB situation the best bet would be to avoid them.
But also keep in mind the Florida secondary. They got burned against Bama with Brody Croyle connecting to Pyrone Prothro for two amazing 50+ yard scores and the Gators never got into the rhythm.
On the defense, let Chris Leak be. Let him make those mistakes, force the running game option out and make Urban Myer's option offense one diemensional: 3-0 series.

For all analysis, the Dawgs are on a roll and even if its a 3-2 win we will take it with all smiles.

Texas quite did not have the meltdown and Texas Tech was ranked way too higher. USC is still on a roll and the Hokies have to end the season with big games. So it looks more and more like UGA playing the Auburn this year, given the lunatic approach to computing the standings.

Mohali Marauding

122 all out in a ground where not so long ago second string teams and an unknown youngster called Robin Uttappa killed the opposition attack??
The famed Lankan Lion batting line up against the likes of rookie Indian bowlers was a feast to the detractors of the Chappell regime and on two occasions till now they have been made to wait in wilderness. Two wins is too soon but Chappell seems to be having a quiet laugh. The combination of metronomic drive towards efficiency that Rahul Dravid possesses, Australian cold blooded professionalism that Chappell presents along with "Look at me, I am 20 again" Sachin Tendulkar and "I am here to play" Irfan Pathan seems to be working wonders for this team.
The lackadaisical attitude once the opposition is on the mat is missing as is the uncanny ability to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory. The way the target was cowed down reflects the intent to get the kill and not just labor to a win.
One thing I cannot help but noticing is the advantage Chappell has over Wright. SACHIN TENDULKAR in his agressive best. Any comments?

Saurav Ganguly: The hype, the stats and a nation's Fixation : Part 1

I have been wanting to write this post for long...During the India-Zimbabwe tour, infact even before when the Indian team was announced. I resisted in jumping the gun. When Ganguly labored his way to a century against the likes of Assam and Tripura and bragged about it, I resisted. I wanted to see how things pan out. Then came the Chappell controversy. and then the email leak and then the faux pas called BCCI hearing, and the new team selection and the first one dayer and the massive win and Sachin comeback and so on and on . So much happened with so much fuss. Here is a 2 part rant...

Firstly what the heck was Sourav Ganguly thiking? A century against Zimbabwe where he was given those 100 odd runs and never scored even one of them, in the process ran out VVS Laxman who was looking very special, stayed there like the oddities of the Robert Mugabe regime and bragging about it. Ganguly at best was an average captain who had an excellent support cast.
Take for instance the Australian tour of 2001 which every Saurav Ganguly supporter brings. It was won by Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman and the Aussie agression to finish India off by asking them to follow-on. Am sure as any one else is that Ganguly neither strategized the great come back innings nor the Aussie decision. The third test was won by Harbhajan Singh.
Here is comparison of Saurav and Laxman and Sachin in that series. Sachin scored 304 runs at 50.66 with a century and 2 50's. Laxman had a very special series with 503 runs at 83.8 with that special 281. Even Ramesh, long forgotten in the scheme of opening musical chairs, had 162 runs while Ganguly had 106 meagre runs across 6 innings.
Walking late to the toss and talking trash can cause excitement but do not create wins as the meagre 106 runs does not.

Saurav Ganguly: The hype, the stats and a nation's Fixation : Part 2

Part 2...Get Part 1 here.

The 2003 World cup again was a Sachin Tendulkar show and when he failed, we came down. Ganguly was not even there full time during the Pakistan series. Laxman again played the big role in the Aussie series.
Now Ganguly after 182 runs in 17 one dayers, wants to be in the side and as a captain. Easily competing for the worst fielder, biggest offender when it comes to fitness, a brashy haughty attitude and his desire in excess to be a captain despite not having enough stats over a long period to command a place as a player, and the way Harbhajan Singh, who is another poor performer offlate, came out in lashing against Chappel in support of Ganguly, indicating a clear fissures in the side, do we still need this moderate captain at best in the side?
Waugh and Taylor, the men that made the Aussies the powerhouse they are today led by example, showing grit with the bat and an attitude to boot. Inzi leads from the front, Attapattu is easily there in any top batsman rankings, Greame Smith led the All Star Test side and has amazing statistics and Ricky Ponting despite the Ashes debacle, is a punter you can put your money on... Where are you Ganguly as a player in this list of celebrated batsman, to command a place in the side?
The usual Form is temporary Class is permanent crap does not even hold true in Ganguly's case. 3 years of lack of runs in every meaningful match means something larger than form is at fault. Class without an attitude and temperment may be?
Remember Vinod Kambli , classy leftie with 2 double centuries and that sledge hammering of Shane Warne in Sharjah... When he was cold shouldered why shouldn't Ganguly be? Kambli still has a test average of 54.
The farce called BCCI Hearing let Ganguly off. Followers of NFL in USA can look at the story of Antonio Gates, whom the Chargers never played in the first two games,suspending him for indiscipline and promptly lost without the big tight end.
Sport is a difficult career to succeed in. Team sport even more difficult, for one's actions can impact the team.
Think about the zillions of youngsters dying to earn the Indian cap, struggling, the last thing we need is some one bent on getting his way. All I can say is, "Sorry Prince, Cricket is no longer a princley sport. It needs discipline more than talent. Ask the Sri Lankan Team of 1996, Australian team of 1999, 2003 and you will know why."

Next on the blog: Ganguly: A square peg in a round hole...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Me is Clairvoyant

Check out my posting on August 27 and you will know why!!!

6-0 and still counting and Who meets USC?

"The play action can mean defense swarms the RB, but doubts if the QB can run and is caught in 2 minds. Now add to it an excellent pass on the run skills and accuracy, you got your defense man...." -- Words I rambled two weeks back
Circa to the last weekend (10-17-05) : Vandy defense "almost" get DJ, DJ scrambles to right for a moment and the free safety follows him..DJ shifts quickly to the left runs some distance and finds MClendon and the end zone

DJ runs almost 5 yards back and Vandy defense swarms in to get him and get some negative yardage as well, DJ scrambles in and out and finds Massaqoa on the run and the end zone...

Tennesse D get DJ but he escapes to convert a 5 yard loss to 3 yard gain...2 and 7 instead of 2 and 15...

After 6 weeks the Dawgs are rolling 6 and 0. With Arkansas coming in the sure thing is 7-0 before we meet the Gators. With Florida's offense having not really clicked and the GA Defense firing on all cylinders good chance of 8-0 and SEC East clinched.
With Auburn coming home, a very good chance of being 10-0 in November and Ga Tech is not a deal. Will the BCS computers and humans and everyone else give us a chance?

On the other hand the other possibility is Texas getting blown out by Texas Tech.. Cody Hodges completed 44 of 65 passes for 643 yards . Who can believe it? Now with a Texan meltdown post OU not happening this week, there is a good chance it will happen next week (WIshful thinking)..

I am consiously avoiding VA Tech in this equation since I believe we are very close to the Hokies in the polls and a win over FL and AU should push us ahead. Also not forgetting the fact that the Hokies still have to play the Canes of Miami and the FSU Noles.

So add the meltdown and the Dawg wins we should be heading to Pasedena.

USC still has to play to Cal and UCLA. Even if they are pushed out, am sure they will find a way to shove themselves into the contetion.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Georgia is (for ?) real

3 games in 13 days, Clausen has an Achilles heel and yada yada yada ... The Volunteers lost even before the kick off and Georgia ensured pretty much they did. SEC showdown came down to stupid mistakes on both sides and if some one were to be watching USC, you cant help but wonder are these teams in the same division. With the Volunteers taken care of, Leak's Florida with a not-so--outstanding-yet offense and defense should not be a problem. 100000 fans at Sanford will make sure the Auburn tigers dont even get to meeowww let alone roar. In the 3 years I have been following GA football this looks like the best season to get to Pasedena, but are we for real? How will we fare against the Youngs and the Leinharts? However this game was much better than the OU-Texas game.
Did OU even show up?
Chris Leak is still being talked about in the same line as the word Heisman. Way off people as Bama made the world realize.
DJ Shockley has 1200 passing yards and 200 rushing yards with 8 passing and 3 rushing touchdowns. His numbers while not great against Tennesse, were really good. The interception was a rank bad call. The fumble, oh dear that was a good defensive play.
Last 3 weeks in a row USC trailed their opponents in the first half only to nail them in the second. Are they thinking, it is enough if we show up just for one half?

So much football and so little time.. More NCAA and NFL in the next blog

Friday, October 07, 2005

Will the Dog bite?

Georgia bulldogs: 4-0 overall and 3-0 SEC.
Starting QB: DJ Shockley
Watching him is like watching: Mike Vick
Similarity: Much talked about passing never compliments the awe-stopping run

Will he lead the Dogs to a SEC title and himself to a top round draft? After all teams do need Vikesque QB's if ONLY they can show more pocket presence in passing.

Think about it: The play action can mean defense swarms the RB, but doubts if the QB can run and is caught in 2 minds. Now add to it an excellent pass on the run skills and accuracy, you got your defense man....

Shockley can do it and saturday will tell if he will..

Me and 100000 Dog fans pray he does.